Gross Law Group, P.A. has filed a lawsuit against: Wilderness Alternative Schools Inc. (a.k.a. Wilderness Treatment Center (“WTC”)).


Wilderness Treatment Center is located at 200 Hubbart Dam Road, Marion, Montana 59925.  

Their website is: 


Recently Gross Law Group, P.A. filed a federal lawsuit against Wilderness Alternative School, Inc., also known as Wilderness Treatment Center in Marion Montana.  Wilderness Treatment Center advertises itself as a suitable place for young men requiring specialized treatment.  The basis of the lawsuit was that false promises were made by staff of Wilderness Treatment Center during the sales process.

There have been allegations that people were misled as to the level of supervision and treatment provided at Wilderness Treatment Center as well as other allegations of misconduct.  This lack of supervision may have caused injuries, unfavorable treatment outcomes and other harm.

You may be entitled to join this lawsuit and seek compensation with no out-of-pocket expense to you.  This is a contingency fee matter and you will owe nothing if we do not collect on your behalf.  Even if you do not choose to join this suit, we would appreciate any feedback you would like to share about your experience.

If you would like to speak with an attorney regarding your experience with Wilderness Treatment Center, please call ASAP. Your time to join this lawsuit is limited.


Why was this lawsuit filed?

The lawsuit against Wilderness Treatment Center was initially filed on behalf of families who sent their sons to WTC for treatment.  The families allege that they were promised certain services that they did not receive and that WTC staff did not meet their duty of care.  Other allegations include that false statements were made by WTC, and Ms. Brekke’s staff for the purpose of inducing them into sending their sons to WTC.  Essentially, the allegations are that WTC does not provide the treatment or supervision it promises and that this has caused harm to both the families who sent their children there as well as the children who were sent there.

After filing the initial suit we received numerous additional calls from other families with similar complaints and allegations of harmful conduct by WTC and its staff.  While our investigation continues, we invite anyone who has information relevant to these claims to contact our office.


Federal Jurisdictional decision:

Initially this suit was filed as a purported class action in federal court in Missoula Montana. The class-action form of litigation would have been advantageous for clients because all persons who did business with WTC in the certified period of time would have been automatically included as plaintiffs in this lawsuit and would have been eligible to pursue their claims without any further action on their part.  The federal court declined to assert jurisdiction over this matter and certify it as a class when we requested this certification.  As a result of this decision by the federal court, we now need to specifically identify and add the name each person who wishes to pursue their claim against Wilderness Treatment Center and/or its founder and operator Nancy Brekke.


State Court Filings:

Because the federal court has declined jurisdiction on this matter, we are continuing the lawsuit in state court and you have the opportunity to join if you act promptly.


What does this mean for you?

If you have a claim, you should contact our office immediately.  We will add plaintiffs to this matter and join them to the ongoing lawsuit.  As a result of joining this ongoing litigation you may benefit because much of the investigation and witnesses necessary to pursue these claims is identical for each claim.


What does this cost?

Gross Law Group, P.A. is handling this matter on a contingency fee basis.  That means that our firm is paying the costs of investigating and prosecuting these claims and will be repaid when and if we win.  Our attorneys fees will also be paid out of any amount we win based on a percentage defined in the Engagement Agreement that each client signs.  If we do not win, you owe nothing.


Do I have a claim?

If you were a “patient” who attended WTC or a parent or loved one who paid to send someone to WTC, you may have a claim.

Parents and people who paid the bills for WTC may claims against WTC if they believe that they were fraudulently induced into doing business with WTC or if they allege that they did not receive the level of care promised.

Those who attended WTC as a client or “patient” may have various claims for the infliction of emotional distress, the loss of priceless time and personal injuries to the extent that such injuries were caused by the negligence of WTC or its staff.

Every situation is different and you should discuss your experience with an attorney if you believe you have a claim.

  • Were you misled during the sales process?
  • Did you receive the level of service you were promised?
  • Did you have negative experience with Wilderness Treatment Center and/or its staff?
  • Do you have other feedback or experiences to share?


How do I join?

If you’d like to discuss your claims, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with our office.  If you have a potential claim, you may be invited to become a client at which time you will be sent an Engagement Agreement that outlines our attorney-client relationship and the fee structure.  This agreement clarifies that you will owe nothing if we do not win.  Note that you are not a client and no attorney-client relationship exists based on a phone consultation unless we execute an Engagement Agreement.  Call our office to schedule a phone consultation regarding your experience with WTC.

This page likely constitutes attorney advertising in most jurisdictions.  You may wish to consult another attorney regarding your potential claim against WTC.  All civil claims have a limited time in which they must be filed.  This statute of limitations may bar your claim if you do not seek legal advice promptly.

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