Gross Law Group provides defense for our clients facing a range of criminal charges. The most common charges we provide legal representation for are driving while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, assault, public intoxication, minor in possession, reckless driving, and speeding. Remember that in any of these situations you have the legal right to representation and contacting an attorney should be your first step after being charged with any of these crimes because failure to properly defend yourself when charged with a crime may waive your ability to do so in the future.

For example, pleading guilty to a DUI may subject you to a host of penalties including the loss of your driver’s license, loss of employment, and additional penalties for future offenses, not to mention a hefty fine. If you allow a competent attorney to handle your case you can be certain that all options available to you are preserved and you have the best possible chance of avoiding harsh penalties and unnecessary judgments. When you compare the long-term costs of failing to properly and fully defend a criminal charge to the costs of hiring an attorney, the costs of the attorney seem inconsequential.

Another consideration is your criminal record, or hopefully, the lack thereof. Criminal records are generally permanent and even a simple speeding ticket can affect the way you are sentenced or prosecuted in future offenses. Because of these possible future consequences, it is critical that you protect yourself from convictions by hiring a trustworthy attorney to assist you in your legal matters. A criminal record can prevent you from obtaining certain employment or professional licenses and can increase the costs of your insurance. In some cases your criminal record can even be used against you in civil proceedings if you are ever sued.

Don’t let one mistake affect your future. Contact us today if you’re in need of the best criminal attorneys for your defense.